We are proud to announce $PUPPY, the secondary token of the Shar Pei ecosystem.

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3 min readDec 20, 2021


What is $PUPPY, why do we need $PUPPY and why is $PUPPY so important? These are the main questions we will explain in the first Shar Pei article ever.

What is the $PUPPY token?

$PUPPY is the secondary token of the Shar Pei ecosystem. It is used for numerous purposes across Shar Pei and will be crucial for the entire ecosystem.

Players and Shar Pei holders are rewarded with $PUPPY by simply playing and engaging with any Shar Pei-made product;

  1. SharPeiSwap, the Shar Pei Decentralized Exchange, $PUPPY will be the DEX token with several use cases. From staking to farming, fee discounts and Shar Pei Launchpad. The SharPeiSwap DEX is expected to launch in Q2–2022.
  2. Shar Pei P2E MetaVerse, as we announced before, we are currently developing the Shar Pei P2E Metaverse where you will be able to breed, feed, play and grow your own Shar Pei. The game will be based on the popular ‘’Tamagotchi’ game and is expected to launch in Q3–2022.
  3. Shar Pei LaunchPad, the amount $PUPPY you hold in your wallet will determine the TIER in the Shar Pei LaunchPad. The LaunchPad will be focussed on fundraising, token sales and fair launch projects. We expect to launch in Q2–2022. Shar Pei will be the main currency to contribute to our launchpad projects.

Some specific examples of how to earn $PUPPY:

  • Win points in our Shar Pei P2E Metaverse
  • Hold Shar Pei in your wallet
  • Trade regularly on SharPeiSwap
  • Upgrade your Shar Pei in-game digital assets
  • $PUPPY Loyalty Program (will be announced later)
  • Stake Shar Pei on several partnered DEXs with single staking
  • Hold Shar Pei NFTs in your wallet

The $PUPPY Tokenomics and Community Sale

$PUPPY Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Earn $PUPPY by staking Shar Pei on MoonLift DEX, SharPeiSwap and other partnered DEX. Details will be announced later.

People who want to swap $SHARPEI for $PUPPY can do this now in our small community sale by sending your SHARPEI to wallet 0x1Aa800bE7e9829DDF97C54EF750F5E42C2a6a884 in a 100:1 ratio.

Only 10,000,000,000 $SHARPEI will be accepted for a total of 100,000,000 $PUPPY. This is a first come, first serve sale and all received $SHARPEI will be used for liquidity on PanCakeSwap, MoonLift DEX, SharPeiSwap and future developments to expand the Shar Pei ecosystem.

For example:

Send 100 $SHARPEI and receive 1 $PUPPY
Send 1,000,000 $SHARPEI and receive 10,000 $PUPPY

$PUPPY will be distributed in the second week of January and will be trading on PancakeSwap and MoonLift Dex right after at x100 of the current Shar Pei price that day. This is the only chance to get your $PUPPY, after the limited community sale you will only be able to get $PUPPY by staking $SHARPEI till the ecosystem is developed.

We would like to thank you for your support and we keep building to our road to ONE BILLION!



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